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Our Mission

To provide our attendees an opportunity to learn, plan, execute and develop as photographers in a small-group environment while working with first-rate aviation subjects. 

Upcoming Workshops

Join us at the following events that are open for registration!

WORKSHOPS in Planning (Coming soon!)

As a photography enthusiast have you ever walked the flight line at an airshow and wondered what it would be like to capture vintage warbirds without the crowds?  Or have you asked yourself what would it take to plan a successful sunrise photo shoot with these amazing pieces of history?  Have you wanted to create images of warbirds with models and reenactors, giving the image that extra vintage feel, but you just did not know where to start?


3G Aviation Media has partnered with several warbird facilities to host a series of unique learning opportunities that allow you to expand your photographic knowledge and skill.  Through a mixture of classroom presentation, hands-on instruction and group interaction, we strive to provide our attendees with a controlled environment where they can try new techniques with subjects they may not have readily available.  Our low instructor-to-student ratio provides ample opportunity for one-on-one instruction throughout the workshop, if desired.

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