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2016 Phoenix, AZ (ground)

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2016 Phoenix, AZ (ground)


Aviation Photography workshop at Falcon field in Mesa, AZ

Workshop topics will include:

  • Sunset photography and photo-shoot

  • Shooting aircraft detail & isolating subjects

  • Flightline safety during photoshoots

Flight information

Tentative aircraft scheduled to be available for photography: 

Beechcraft T-34 Mentor

Nanchang CJ6-A (several different paint schemes)


visit the Falcon Warbirds site for a list of aircraft they have on hand:   

Falcon Warbirds

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If you are interested in photographing the aircraft of Falcon Warbirds, but do not want to participate in the air-to-air photography sessions, then this workshop is for you!


The workshop will start mid-morning in the hangar of Falcon Warbirds, at Falcon Field in Mesa, Arizona.  After introductions and a brief orientation to the 3G photography workshop, Doug will conduct a class on the required safety precautions and equipment that will be used for both ground and airborne phases of the photography workshop. 

Image (c) Crosswind Images

Image (c) Crosswind Images

   Following the safety briefing, Doug and Tony will share some of their air-to-air photography techniques, even though you are not flying during the workshop, this class will give you valuable information about capturing aircraft in flight from the ground.  Lunch will be served immediately after this class, giving you a chance to socialize with your fellow photographers at the event.

While lunch is served, Tony and Doug will conduct a Question and Answer session to provide any additional knowledge you require before starting the day’s preparations for flight operations.

   The flight briefing for the operation will start immediately after lunch, and all workshop participants are invited to attend and listen to the coordination required to make the day’s events happen safely and smoothly. 

  Upon completion of the flight briefing, all of the air-to-air participants will head out to the  photoships for an orientation to the aircraft and to observe the first flight being  strapped in prior to engine start.  Those who are not flying in each mission are welcome to shoot the aircraft startup, taxi and departure from the areas provided by the Falcon Warbirds team.  There will be many amazing opportunities to catch these aircraft during ground operations, not just airborne!

 Each photo flight will be approximately 45 minutes of time airborne, with two subject aircraft posing for the photographers over a variety of beautiful Arizona scenery. Upon completion of the flight, the subject aircraft will conduct low approaches to allow the ground-based photographers a chance to capture them during arrival.  

Image (c) Crosswind Images

Image (c) Crosswind Images

Starting right after the last flight’s departure, the Falcon Warbirds team will reposition several aircraft for a sunset photoshoot.  Those who are not flying at this time will have an opportunity to capture these aircraft on the ground in the brilliant Arizona Sunset. 

The photoshoot will continue after sunset, into the twilight hour, with Tony and Doug demonstrating how to use light-painting to bring out the brilliance of your subjects during this time of day.  We will wrap up the days shooting events, about an hour and a half after sunset, in order to allow the Falcon Warbirds team plenty of time to put the aircraft away. 

Workshop attendees will then be able to head back into the hangar and sit down for a quick dinner and debrief with Tony, Doug and the Falcon Warbirds team.  This is the time to ask questions of the pilots and your photography instructors to “close the loop” on the day’s events and complete your learning experience.

What will be provided

Safety Vests – Your safety during our event is our #1 priority.  As a result we provide high-quality reflective vests so that as the sun starts to set and aircraft are still arriving and departing the ramp, they will be able to maintain sight of you at all times.

What you need to bring

  • Camera – Bring the best camera that you are comfortable using, whether DSLR, All-in-one-Zoom or even a point and shoot.  We have instructed photographers on all of these!
  • Lens – a lens with a 35mm equivalent of 18-200mm will give you lots of options for the shoot.  Longer lenses will be ideal for the low approaches.
  • Kneepads – Kneeling on the flightline can be rough on the knees.  Tony recommends that you bring these!
  • Tripods – For sunset and twilight shooting, these are a must.  A cable-release or remote trigger will also help make your images that much sharper.
  • Flashlights for Light Painting – If you want to lightpaint, bring a very bright, handheld flashlight.  We recommend at least 300 or more lumens, such as the SureFire series of tactical lights.  Tony will demonstrate techniques at first and then we encourage YOU to illuminate the static aircraft as a team!
  • Camera Bag – We will be able to store our equipment in our classroom for most of the day, but IDEALLY bring a camera bag that allows you to carry all of your gear comfortably around the flightline.  Once we start the sunset/twilight photoshoot we will be carrying all of our equipment onto the flightline with us.  PACK LIGHT!

What is included:

  • Static and sunset photo sessions and lessons .
  • Access to a variety of subject aircraft for ground photography at the Falcon Warbirds flight facility.
  • One-on-one instruction tailored to YOUR photographic skill level.
  • Meals – The pace of our workshop is fast.  There is a lot to learn and experience on workshop day, so we don’t want you distracted wondering how to fit your next meal into the schedule.  Lunch and Dinner will both be provided along with beverages to keep you going during the afternoon.  Our post-workshop debrief will be conducted over dinner, so don’t feel like you have to run out after the workshop concludes.  We may even retire to a local “watering hole” to continue the debrief, based on everyone’s next-day schedule.

What is NOT included:

  • Transportation to and from the Falcon Warbirds flight facility in Mesa, AZ
  • Lodging - We will post information once lodging arrangements are made for a group rate at a local hotel. Workshop attendees are free to make their own lodging arrangements at a hotel of their choice.

Images courtesy of Jay Beckman at Crosswind Images - www.crosswindimages.com

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