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What to bring to a 3G workshop

What do I bring?  It would be all too easy to just say “EVERYTHING! ”  However, we know that many of you will be traveling by airline and so baggage limits will be in the forefront of your mind.  At a minimum, you are expected to bring your own camera and tripod, but here are some guidelines for what gear to bring:

  • Camera – Bring whatever you shoot with.  Our instructors have experience documenting aviation subjects with numerous makes and models from high-end DSLRs to consumer ILCs and even smartphones.  At the end of the day, use the best camera that you are comfortable operating, and if you want to use this workshop to branch out into other equipment styles, let us know.
  • Lenses - Bring the right glass to capture wide-angle shots of multiple aircraft at sunrise or sunset, and close-up detail of aircraft.  If you have a favorite lens for portraiture, bring it as we will have re-enactors to pose with the aircraft on Saturday evening.
  • Tripod – We will be shooting before and after sunrise/sunset so longer exposures will require the use of a sturdy tripod.   
  • Speedlights – Speedlights will be invaluable for lighting the subjects before or after the blue hour, so bring as many as you can!  Be sure to have yours labeled or marked so they can be identified by flashlight when we are taking down the equipment in the dark.
  • Light Stands – Even though baggage space is limited for those traveling by air, small light stands will help you precisely position your lights for a more dramatic image.
  • Flashlights for Light Painting – Bring a very bright, handheld flashlight.  We recommend at least 300 or more lumens, such as the SureFire series of tactical lights.
  • Camera Bag – Bring a sturdy, compartmentalized bag to move your equipment around the flightline.  Our class will cover some good tips and techniques for remaining organized during a shoot, but success often begins with the right bag for your tools!
  • Be prepared for weather… The good, bad and ugly!  We will be arriving at the hanger before sunrise and will be shooting out on the ramp until well after sunset.  We also cannot control mother nature (as much as we would like to) so be prepared for some possible rain!
  • Kneepads – You will be getting down low on the tarmac so stop by your local hardware store and pick up a pair of kneepads. Trust us, they are cheap and the comfort provided will make your experience A LOT more enjoyable!

  • Laptop/Tablet – You will want to be able to download and edit your images right away so that you can critique them in order to improve on your technique in later photo sessions during the weekend.

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