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2016 Atlanta, GA

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2016 Atlanta, GA


Photography workshop at the Atlanta Warbird Weekend

Workshop topics will include:

  • Sunset photography and photo-shoot "How-To"

  • Shooting aircraft detail & isolating subjects 

  • Editing your photos to remove the crowd

  • Flightline safety during photoshoots

Tentative aircraft scheduled to be on photo ramp: 

P-40 Warhawk Gathering

P-51- "Red Nose"

SBD Dauntless

visit the AWW site for a list of aircraft as they are announced:   

Atlanta Warbird Weekend website

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3G Aviation Media returns to the Atlanta Warbird Weekend for a third year!


Join 3G Aviation Media for a full-day photo experience on Saturday 24 September 2016 at the Atlanta Warbird Weekend.  Get up close and personal with vintage military aircraft, talk to the pilots and photograph them all.  We have added even more opportunities to shoot and learn with the 3G team, while still providing an exclusive sunset aviation photoshoot.


There are several other photographic opportunities offered during the Atlanta Warbird Weekend.  

  • Sunday Sunrise Photoshoot - The CAF - Dixie Wing is hosting an exclusive sunrise photoshoot on Sunday morning starting at 6:30 AM.  Tickets can be purchased directly from the Dixie Wing via the PayPal link to the right.  Or visit their website at: http://www.dixiewing.org/845_Atlanta_Sunrise_Photoshoot.htm
  • Photography Editing Workshop - 3G Aviation Media is hosting a Photography Editing workshop after the Dixie Wing's sunrise shoot.  Class starts at 9 AM and will conclude a 1pm.  The 3G instructors will walk you through their editing workflow and then work with you to improve your own.  You can sign up from our main workshop page or via the link to the right.

Workshop Overview

The day will begin with a brief classroom session taught by Tony Granata and Doug Glover, covering an orientation to the layout of the Peachtree Dekalb County airport, and basic flightline safety.  Tony and Doug will then discuss how to shoot aircraft details in the crowded environment of a fly-in, using examples from their portfolios.  After these classes, attendees will be able to spend the rest of the morning walking the warbird ramp and putting their skills to the test.  

After a break for lunch, attendees will return to the classroom to discuss the preparations and layout for the evening's sunset photo-shoot.  The 3G instructors will demonstrate several tools that they use to set up sunrise and sunset photo shoots, along with the photographic techniques they employ.  Once the class is complete, attendees will return to the warbird ramp to capture the afternoon's activities, which include warbird arrivals and departures, ground operations and re-enactors in WWII uniforms all providing fascinating subjects for both aviation and portrait photography.  During the afternoon, Tony and Doug will be at the airfield pavilion, available for one-on-one instruction and critiques, allowing you to shoot, learn and re-shoot your subjects, without ever leaving the warbird ramp!

Attendees will meet up about an hour and a half before sunset to be escorted onto the flightline for their exclusive photo-shoot.  This is your opportunity to have several warbirds as your photographic subjects with good light and without the crowds!  After using the warm light of the golden hour, the photoshoot will continue into twilight, using a variety of lighting techniques to illuminate the subject aircraft.  After about another hour of shooting, the workshop will wrap up and adjourn to a local eatery to discuss the days events.

What to Bring

What do I bring?  Like many of our fly-in and airshow workshops, LESS is more for this event!  At a minimum, you are expected to bring your own camera and tripod, but here are some guidelines for what gear to bring:

  • Camera – Bring whatever you shoot with.  Our instructors have experience documenting aviation subjects with numerous makes and models from high-end DSLRs to consumer ILCs and even smartphones.  At the end of the day, use the best camera that you are comfortable operating, and if you want to use this workshop to branch out into other equipment styles, let us know.
  • Lenses - Bring the right glass to capture wide-angle shots of multiple aircraft at sunset, and close-up details of aircraft.  We recommend at least one wide-angle and one telephoto lens.  
  • Tripod – We will be shooting before and after sunset so longer exposures will require the use of a sturdy tripod.   
  • Speedlights / Light Stands – Off-camera lighting will be provided by the 3G team for sunset and night photography.  Doug will demonstrate a few different techniques for using speedlights and then turn you loose as a team to creatively light your aircraft subjects. 
  • Flashlights for Light Painting – If you want to lightpaint, bring a very bright, handheld flashlight.  We recommend at least 300 or more lumens, such as the SureFire series of tactical lights.  Tony will demonstrate techniques at first and then we encourage YOU to illuminate the aircraft as a team!
  • Camera Bag – We will be able to store our equipment in our classroom for most of the day, but IDEALLY bring a camera bag that allows you to carry all of your gear comfortably around the flightline.  Once we start the sunset/twilight photoshoot we will be carrying all of our equipment onto the flightline with us.  PACK LIGHT!

What is included:

  • Sunset/twilight photography photo session and lessons

  • One-on-one photography instruction, tailored to YOUR skill level
  • Access to vintage military aircraft as photo subjects

What is NOT included:

  • Transportation to and from the Peachtree Dekalb County Airport
  • Meals during the event.  There is a restaurant and food vendors on site at the airport
  • Lodging - If you are attending the Atlanta Warbird Weekend, 3G Aviation Media and the CAF has a group rate of $91 a night with the Atlanta Marriott Century Center.  Please call them at 404-325-0000 to reserve a room at our discounted rate. (or Click HERE to reserve online)

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