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2016 Kissimmee, FL

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2016 Kissimmee, FL


Aircraft Scheduled (tentative): 

TF-51 Crazy Horse
TF-51 Crazy Horse 2
T-6 Texan
L-39 Turbojet

Workshop topics will include:

  • Shooting in natural and ambient light
  • Sunset photo shoot planning
  • Flightline safety
  • Aircraft Details - Shooting the "Small Stuff"
  • Post processing and workflow techniques
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We're bringing our one-day sunset workshop to Orlando in 2016!  Workshop is scheduled for 5 March 2016, and will take place from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM at the Stallion 51 Flight facility. 

We will be shooting aircraft details during the day, and when the aircraft are flying, expect a fantastic view from the observation deck!  We will have several of the aircraft out for a sunset shoot, followed by a longer period for twilight and night-time photography. Expect ground crew in period costumes, beautiful aircraft positioned for an exclusive photo shoot, and maybe even a special guest aircraft or two!

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