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2017 13 May - Raleigh, NC - Ground Workshop

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2017 13 May - Raleigh, NC - Ground Workshop

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Workshop Overview

The day will begin with a brief classroom session taught by Tony Granata and Doug Glover, covering an orientation to the layout of the Raleigh Executive Jetport, along with basic flightline safety.  Tony and Doug will then discuss how to shoot aircraft details in the crowded environment of a fly-in, using examples from their portfolios.  After these classes, attendees will take a break to enjoy lunch with the Wings of Carolina flying club and the CAF pilots and groundcrew, prior to spending some time shooting the early afternoon flight warbird startups and flights.  


After some time spent with the CAF warbirds, attendees will return to the classroom to discuss the preparations and layout for the evening's sunset photo-shoot.  The 3G instructors will demonstrate several tools that they use to set up sunrise and sunset photo shoots, along with the photographic techniques they employ.  Once the class is complete, attendees will return to the warbird ramp to capture the afternoon's flying activities, as several of the CAF aircraft will be flying throughout the day.

Attendees will meet up about an hour and a half before sunset to be escorted onto the flightline for their exclusive photo-shoot.  This is your opportunity to have all 3 CAF warbirds as your photographic subjects with good light and without the crowds!  After using the warm light of the golden hour, the photoshoot will continue into twilight, using a variety of lighting techniques to illuminate the subject aircraft.  After about another hour of shooting, the workshop will wrap up and adjourn to a local eatery to discuss the days events.

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