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2017 Kissimmee, FL

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2017 Kissimmee, FL

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We're returning to Stallion 51 for another amazing photo workshop in early 2017!  Workshop is scheduled for 25 February 2017, and will take place from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM at the Stallion 51 Flight facility. 

We will be shooting aircraft details during the day, and when the aircraft are flying, expect a fantastic view from the observation deck!  We will have several of the aircraft out for a sunset shoot, followed by a longer period for twilight and night-time photography. Expect beautifully maintained aircraft positioned for an exclusive photo shoot, and maybe even a special guest aircraft or two!

We will also conduct an air-to-air photography workshop with Stallion 51 this weekend.  Sign up for that is available here:

Aircraft Scheduled (tentative): 

  • TF-51 Crazy Horse
  • TF-51 Crazy Horse 2
  • T-6 Texan
  • L-39 Turbojet

Workshop topics will include:

  • Shooting in natural and ambient light
  • Hangar photoshoot setup techniques
  • Sunset photo shoot planning and execution
  • Flightline safety
  • Aircraft Details - Shooting the "Small Stuff"
  • Post processing and workflow techniques

What to Bring

What do I bring?  Like many of our workshops, LESS is more for this event!  At a minimum, you are expected to bring your own camera and tripod, but here are some guidelines for what gear to bring:

  • Camera – Bring whatever you shoot with.  Our instructors have experience documenting aviation subjects with numerous makes and models from high-end DSLRs to consumer ILCs and even smartphones.  At the end of the day, use the best camera that you are comfortable operating, and if you want to use this workshop to branch out into other equipment styles, let us know.
  • Lenses - Bring the right glass to capture wide-angle shots of multiple aircraft at sunset, and close-up details of aircraft.  We recommend at least one wide-angle and one telephoto lens.  
  • Tripod – We will be shooting before and after sunset so longer exposures will require the use of a sturdy tripod.   
  • Speedlights / Light Stands – Off-camera lighting will be provided by the 3G team for sunset and night photography.  Doug will demonstrate a few different techniques for using speedlights and then turn you loose as a team to creatively light your aircraft subjects. 
  • Flashlights for Light Painting – If you want to lightpaint, bring a very bright, handheld flashlight.  We recommend at least 300 or more lumens, such as the SureFire series of tactical lights.  Tony will demonstrate techniques at first and then we encourage YOU to illuminate the aircraft as a team!
  • Camera Bag – We will be able to store our equipment in our classroom for most of the day, but IDEALLY bring a camera bag that allows you to carry all of your gear comfortably around the flightline.  

What is included:

  • Lunch will be provided on-site, to maximize our time with the aircraft!
  • Hangar, flightline, sunset/twilight photography photo session and lessons
  • One-on-one photography instruction, tailored to YOUR skill level
  • Access to vintage aircraft as photo subjects

What is NOT included:

  • Transportation to and from the Kissimmee Airport
  • Lodging - We will be staying at the Embassy Suites - Orlando Lake Buena Vista South.  Reserve online HERE or Call the hotel at (407) 597-4000 and make reservations with the code "3GA". Rooms are $169 a night and are planned for a Friday check-in and a Monday check-out for those who would like to attend the Editing Workshop on Sunday. 

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