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Join 3G Aviation Media for a full-day photo experience on Saturday 7 October 2017 at the Atlanta Warbird Weekend.  Get up close and personal with vintage military aircraft, talk to the pilots and photograph them all.  We have added even more opportunities to shoot and learn with the 3G team, while still providing an exclusive sunset aviation photoshoot.


Ground WOrkshop

The day will begin at 0900 with introductions and a brief classroom session taught by Tony Granata and Doug Glover, covering an orientation to the layout of the Peachtree Dekalb County airport, and basic flightline safety.  Tony and Doug will then discuss how to shoot aircraft details in the crowded environment of a fly-in, using examples from their portfolios.  After these classes, attendees will be able to spend the rest of the morning walking the warbird ramp and putting their skills to the test.  

After a break for lunch, photographers will have more opportunities to shoot the aircraft participating in the event out on the flightline.  These include warbird arrivals and departures, ground operations and re-enactors in WWII uniforms all providing fascinating subjects for both aviation and portrait photography.  Tony and Doug will be at the airfield pavilion, available for one-on-one instruction and critiques, allowing you to shoot, learn and re-shoot your subjects, without ever leaving the warbird ramp! After the event's commemorative flyover, photographers will return to the classroom to discuss the preparations and layout for the evening's sunset photo-shoot.  The 3G instructors will demonstrate several tools that they use to set up sunrise and sunset photo shoots, along with the photographic techniques they employ.  

Attendees will meet up about an hour and a half before sunset to be escorted onto the flightline for their exclusive photo-shoot.  This is your opportunity to have several warbirds as your photographic subjects with good light and without the crowds!  After using the warm light of the golden hour, the photoshoot will continue into twilight, using a variety of lighting techniques to illuminate the subject aircraft.  After about another hour of shooting, the workshop will wrap up and adjourn to a local eatery to discuss the days events.

Equipment Provided

  • Off-camera lighting for twilight and night photography.  (Both light-painting and strobe photography)



What is included

  • Access to a variety of subject aircraft for ground photography at the Atlanta Warbird Weekend.
  • Sunset/twilight photography photo session and lessons
  • One-on-one photography instruction, tailored to YOUR skill level

Air to Air experience

The workshop will start with the ground workshop at 0900.  Air to Air photographers will get the same classes as the ground workshop,  but following the ground classes, Doug and Tony will share some of their air-to-air photography techniques, so that you are armed with the skills you need to maximize your time in the aircraft.  When the workshop breaks for lunch, Tony and Doug will available to provide any additional knowledge you require before starting the day’s preparations for flight operations.

   The flight briefing for the operation will start immediately after lunch, and all workshop participants are invited to attend and listen to the coordination required to make the day’s events happen safely and smoothly.  

  Upon completion of the flight briefing, all of the air-to-air participants will head out to the CASA photoship for an orientation to the aircraft and to observe the first flight being harnessed and strapped in prior to engine start.  Those who are not flying in each mission are welcome to shoot the aircraft startup, taxi and departure from the areas provided at the AWW flightline.  

  Each photo flight will be approximately 45 minutes of time airborne, with two subject aircraft posing for the photographers over a variety of beautiful North Georgia scenery. During the flight, you will be shooting out the back of the CASA, which is a perspective you won’t often get in an air-to-air formation flight.   Once the aircraft are all back “in the chocks” and shutdown, the air-to-air photography teams will switch out and prepare for the next flying event.  If you are one of the photographers airborne in the last mission during the “Golden Hour”, don’t worry, your flight will land 30 minutes before sunset, allowing you to capture the brilliance airborne and on the ground. 

Equipment provided

  • Safety Harnesses – Your safety during our event is our #1 priority.  As a result we provide high-quality aviation harnesses that we maintain and inspect to ensure that they are ready for use on each of our flights.
  • Camera Lanyards – We require that your cameras be lanyarded to you for the flight, and we are happy to provide this equipment to you during the event.

What is included

  • One air-to-air photo flight with Atlanta Warbird Weekend aircraft.
  • Static and sunset photo sessions and lessons . (same as ground workshop)
  • Access to a variety of subject aircraft for ground photography at the Atlanta Warbird Weekend.
  • One-on-one instruction tailored to YOUR photographic skill level.

What is not included

  • Transportation to and from the Peachtree Dekalb County Airport
  • Meals during the event.  There is a restaurant and food vendors on site at the airport.
  • Lodging -  If you are attending the Atlanta Warbird Weekend, 3G Aviation Media and the CAF is working on a group rate with the Atlanta Marriott Century Center.  More info will be posted as it is arranged. 

Want to take your aviation images to the next level? 

Attend the 3G Aviation Media workshop that focuses on your images AFTER you press the shutter!

On Sunday, 8 October, after the CAF Sunrise Photoshoot, 3G will host a Photography Editing Workshop

Tony and Doug will kick off this workshop by walking attendees through several of their editing techniques.  Example images from their portfolios will show you how the RAW image file from your camera can be manipulated to tell the story that your images are meant to tell.  After working with attendees on their images for part of the morning, Tony and Doug will demonstrate several ways to manage your images, using Adobe Lightroom and other archiving software, ensuring that you can find that favorite image of yours quickly!  Tony and Doug will also share techniques for prepping your images for print.  After all, those images aren't intended to just sit on your hard drive for years to come, they belong on your walls!

Throughout the four hours of instruction, Tony and Doug will give you personalized instruction and assist you with applying concepts and techniques to YOUR images to bring forth YOUR photographic vision.  This is not a class in how to create images that mimic the styles of our 3G photographers, but rather a class to make you comfortable with the tools that can bring forth YOUR style from the images YOU photographed!  

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