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3G workshops comes to the MCAS Cherry Point Airshow!

Join 3G Aviation Media at the Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point airshow on 5-6 May 2018.  Get up close and personal with modern military aircraft, talk to the pilots and photograph them all.  We have added even more opportunities to shoot and learn with the 3G team, while still providing an exclusive sunset aviation photoshoot.  Tickets are available for one or both days of the airshow!

workshops at this event:

Workshop Instructors:


airshow WOrkshop

Workshop attendees have all-day access to the 3G Aviation Media chalet at the MCAS Cherry Point airshow.  Stop by, eat lunch, take advantage of the front-row shooting opportunities or cool off and rest your feet in the tent with a drink!   Once the airshow flying ends on Saturday, attendees will assemble at the chalet for an overview of the evening's photographic events.  Doug Glover will kick off the classes with a quick overview of Flightline Safety, covering what you need to know to safely work on the MCAS Cherry Point flightline during the photoshoot.  Tony Granata will then cover some photography basics to ensure that all of the workshop attendees are able to maximize the capabilities of their cameras during the photoshoot.  The last class of the afternoon will cover sunset photography techniques and planning so that you can be successful during the evening's photo shoot and on your own in the future.


Once the light becomes golden, attendees will be escorted to the part of the flightline where the evening's subjects are located.  We will have to remain within the area defined by our military escorts, but all of the aircraft in that area are fair game for you to photograph.  We will practice the sunset shooting techniques covered earlier and the 3G instructors will be on hand to assist you with any questions you have.  With the open expanse of the runways behind some of the subjects and airshow pavilions behind others, you will be challenged in your composition, but remember, this is an airshow, use what others would think of as clutter to tell the story of the aircraft!


After the sun sets, the group will gather around the subjects for the twilight shoot where Tony will demonstrate light painting and Doug will use off-camera flash  techniques.  Attendees are encouraged to move between the two twilight shoots to maximize their learning during the evening. We will conclude our shooting approximately one hour after sunset (around 9PM) and depart the flightline with our military escorts.  Anyone wishing to meet up with Doug and Tony afterwards for a quick debrief of the photoshoot over dinner and drinks is welcome to do so, but it is by no means mandatory!

Equipment Provided

  • Off-camera lighting for twilight and night photography.  (Both light-painting and strobe photography)

What is included

  • Airshow access - Airshow is free to the public, so there are no "extra" fees just to get in the gate!
  • Access at the 3G Aviation Media chalet.
    • Exclusive front-row access near show center
    • Catered lunch
    • Beverage service throughout airshow (soda, water, and yes, beer!)
  • Hands-on assistance and techniques during airshow from 3G team
  • Sunset photography photo sessions and lessons
  • One-on-one photography instruction, tailored to YOUR skill level
  • Access to vintage and modern military aircraft as photo subjects

Air to Air experience (in planning)


The air-to-air portion of the MCAS Cherry Point airshow will be held on Wednesday 2 May.  At the start of the day, Doug and Tony will share some of their air-to-air photography techniques, so that you are armed with the skills you need to maximize your time in the aircraft.  When the event breaks for lunch, Tony and Doug will available to provide any additional knowledge you require before starting the day’s preparations for flight operations.


   The flight briefing for the operation will start immediately after lunch, and all participants are required to attend and listen to the coordination required to make the day’s events happen safely and smoothly.  

  Upon completion of the flight briefing, all of the air-to-air participants will head out to the photoship for an orientation to the aircraft and to observe the first flight being harnessed and strapped in prior to engine start.  


  Each photo flight will be approximately 45 minutes of time airborne, with several subject aircraft posing for the photographers over a variety of beautiful North Carolina scenery. During the flight, you will be shooting out the back of the photoship, which is a perspective you won’t often get in an air-to-air formation flight.   Once the aircraft are all back “in the chocks” and shutdown, the air-to-air photography teams will switch out and prepare for the next flying event. 

Equipment provided

  • Safety Harnesses – Your safety during our event is our #1 priority.  As a result we provide high-quality aviation harnesses that we maintain and inspect to ensure that they are ready for use on each of our flights.
  • Camera Lanyards – We require that your cameras be lanyarded to you for the flight, and we are happy to provide this equipment to you during the event.

What is included

  • One air-to-air photo flight with aircraft arriving for the MCAS Cherry Point airshow.
  • One-on-one instruction tailored to YOUR photographic skill level.

What is not included

  • Transportation to and from the Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point
  • Lodging -  If you are attending the airshow, 3G Aviation Media is working on a group rate with the Doubletree hotel in New Bern, NC.  More info will be posted as it is arranged. 

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