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Atlanta Warbird Weekend Mini-Workshop

  • Peachtree-Dekalb Airport

Come join us for our photography mini-workshop during the Atlanta Warbird Weekend at Peachtree-Dekalb Airport in Atlanta, GA. Tickets are $99 and can be purchased here:

The mini-workshop will kick off with several brief classes to equip participants with the knowledge to safely navigate the flightline and how to focus on aircraft details in a crowded environment such as the Warbird Weekend.  After a photography session encompassing all of the aircraft staged for static display, attendees will break for a late afternoon snack and a quick class on the evenings shoot.  Once equipment is prepared, and the lighting is best, the workshop will move back outside to an exclusive small group shoot with Sentimental Journey and other vintage warbirds.  As the sunset illuminates the aircraft, the 3G instructors will be on hand to answer questions and offer photographic assistance to the attendees.  The shoot will continue after the sun sets as attendees can experiment with a variety of lighting types provided by the 3G team, all in the interest of improving photographic technique.

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