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 Tony Granata is a professional photographer from Raleigh, North Carolina. Through his years of work, he has developed a passion for exploring light and its interactions with all aspects of life. Tony has been a WWII history buff for as long as he can remember. Growing up, he could not get his hands on enough information regarding the era, especially when it came to its warbirds. A few years ago he started taking what he had learned from exploring with photography and applying it to aviation.

Tony has been published in several media publications and is also a contributing photographer with NY on Air, a premier aerial photography and cinematography team based in New York City.

His work can be found at http://www.tgranata.com

Doug Glover has spent the entirety of his adult life around aviation, both military and civilian. While traveling the world, he has been blessed with the unique opportunity to capture aviation subjects in a wide variety of environments. Whether shooting against the backdrop of a coral-encrusted Pacific atoll or the snow-covered Mogollon rim, Doug’s images seek to juxtapose the beauty of nature and aviation, thereby creating a work that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Doug’s photography has been published internationally in both magazines and books, and his fine art prints reside in the collections of aviation enthusiasts worldwide.

His work can be found at http://www.fox3photo.com

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About 3G Aviation Media

3G Aviation Media started as a joint venture between a group of aviation photographers who wanted to partner for specific projects while still retaining their own brand and artistic identity.  The initial three “G”s  of the team were : Tony Granata, Matt Genuardi and Doug Glover.  Each of them had a different shooting style and each also brought a unique set of skills to the table.  As an instructor, Tony Granata brought his expertise in post-processing of an image, and has a wealth of experience shooting from helicopters.   Having spent quite a few years as a photography manager for a major entertainment company, Matt Genuardi specialized in working with models and professional lighting equipment.  The itinerant nature of his previous life in the U.S. Marine Corps has made Doug Glover the expert in “packing for the location”, and as a Forward Air Controller instructor (ground and airborne) he was the team’s flight briefer and pilot liaison.

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